Compaction Test 1
Astoria, Oregon, USA
Bagging Straw to test rotor, brakes and track set up.
Success (Video available)

Compaction Test 2
Tillamook, Oregon, USA
Bagging Cannery Waste (empty cobs and husks from sweet corn)
Testing rotor, tracks on asphalt, compaction with high moisture
Success (Video available)

Compaction Test 3
Longview, Oregon, USA
Bagging Wood Chips
Testing compaction pressure against track brakes to confirm no slippage

Farm Trial 1
Turlock, CA
Bagging Oats
Testing system is forage
Compaction success  –  2.4 TONS PER FOOT in 12 foot diameter bag
Altered beater bar set up to increase speed of feed through rotor after test

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