PACBAG’s “Track-Pack” Silage Bagger a hit at World Ag Expo & compaction tests under way.


Astoria, Oregon, March 8, 2012

PACBAG’s “Track-Pack” Silage Bagger a hit at World Ag Expo & compaction tests under way.

PACBAG’s TRACK-PACK silage bagging machine was a hit at California’s World Ag Expo February 14 – 16, 2012.  As the World Ag Expo is a great venue to highlight new technologies in the Agriculture industry there was a flurry of interest in the revolutionary new silage machine , the Track-Pack.  Of particular interest to many attendees were the silage bagging system’s revolutionary track design in place of tires and any other compaction method such as backstop; the 100% hydraulic drive system; the 5th wheel hitch and removable transport wheels; and of course the fact that the overall size of the machine is small enough to ensure closely laid bags on any bag pad or field.  Whether it was rain, sun or wind in Tulare, PACBAG’s Track-Pack showed well and the PACBAG team was there to answer as many questions as possible. Please see for images from the show.

There’s an obvious desire to see the Track-Pack work and currently it’s passed its first round of compaction testing and will enter into its second round March 9th – 11th in Oregon.  These tests provide important data on the compaction capabilities of the track and brake system as well as ensuring that the computer system in the cab provides excellent control to any operator.  The first tests included wheat/rye grass straw.  This material is incredibly hard to bag “well”.  The bagger worked on a dirt/mud bagging area.  The Track-Pack had no problem at all.  The material was moved through the rotor into the bag with ease and the compaction rate on the tracks was excellent.

The next test will be on corn stover and this test will take place on a black top surface to test its maneuverability with and without rubber pads on this softer surface.  Two short videos and photos of the 1st compaction trial are on the website and the 2nd test can be viewed after completion.

Finally two On Farm Demos will occur and be open to the public.  April (Dates to be determined) in Turlock, California and May (Dates to be determined) in Eastern Washington.  Details to be released once confirmed.

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