PACBAG’s “Track-Pack” Silage Bagger bags GREEN OATS in California!

Astoria, Oregon, May 24, 2012

PACBAG’s TRACK-PACK silage bagging machine has been tested in straw, cannery waste & woodchips and now it’s finally hit FORAGE!  The Track-Pack machine bagged green oats in Turlock , CA at the beginning of May 2012.  The compaction that the Track-Pack achieved was fantastic.  A 12’ diameter bag was filled with 2.4 tons of feed/foot without any excess stretching of the bag.

The Track-Pack’s high tunnel allowed for a “new” looking bag in its height and the compaction generated by the tracks created a bag that allowed no give when pushed anywhere on the bag.  A key was the fact that despite the high volume of material per foot in the bag, no excess stretching occurred.  The lack of oxygen in the bag generated by the pack was very impressive. The traction in California sand was excellent with no slipping and the machine created very smooth bags with no wrinkles.

A huge thank you goes to the Jamesons and their custom bagging crew.  They were gracious with their time and assisted with the on-site trial in every way.  An important part of PACBAG’s mission is to include customers or end users at every stage of the development of the Track-Pack because only then will it meet our and our clients’ expectations.  The feedback from all involved to this point has been essential to the completion of the Track-Pack.

The next forage test for the machine will be in Oregon in the final week of May when alfalfa is on the menu.  We have made some alterations to the beater bar set up on the machine which allows feed to move faster into the bag but those alterations have occurred right in the middle of first cut season. PACBAG’s desire to create a Field Day to demo the machine is still in the works.

Video of the California farm trial can be found at either: (along with a new photo gallery from the test sites) or directly on youtube at

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