PACBAG’s “Track-Pack” Silage Bagger DEMO Sunnyside WA.

Astoria, Oregon, August 15, 2012

PACBAG’s TRACK-PACK will be demo’ed in Sunnyside, WA Tuesday, Wednesday & Thursday (August 21 – 23, 2012). We are excited about a number of alterations we’ve made to the machine to increase its “user friendliness” as well as making it a faster system to run while still maintaining that incredible pack!

A few of the alternations to the original design have been:
– Tunnel Extension attachment has been altered to allow one person to put the tunnel on and lock it in place “within minutes”!!

– A dual axel has been put on the machine with a new “retractable axel assembly”. This allows for a smoother, more stable ride.

– Retractable beater bar (moves out during bagging and in for transport) which takes feed into the rotor faster while still allowing for the 8’6” transport width.

During our compaction trials the changes were born and/or defined as necessary to ensure Track-Pack maintained its excellent pack but also ensured it met the speed requirements of bagging. PACBAG also wanted to make sure that any innovation (the new tunnel extension attachment) that was discussed was on this machine and visible for potential clients.

Our opportunity to demo the machine for the public was thwarted earlier due to weather issues and we now want to make the most of the third cut alfalfa in Sunnyside to allow anyone who is interested to take a look at the system. Please get in touch via phone or email if you are interested in attending.

New videos of the machine can be found at either: (along with

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